Thursday, October 6, 2011

Golf is Frustrating

I love golf and will probably play as often as I can for the rest of my life. I want to make that clear right up front. Okay.

But I have found it to be a frustrating sport for all these 30+ plus years I have played. Even now when my golf knowledge and skills are probably at the highest point ever in my life. Most of us know the feelin', huh?

The past few rounds have proven to frustrate me particularly.Something about making good progress and then to watch a huge reversal of fortune occur it is enough to make a man want to scream, toss a club or even snap one in half.

Golf can do that to a fellow. I've seen a fair number of fellow players do those very things at similar moments. Frustrated golfers can become very ugly don't ya know. Have you been around someone who "went off" over a bad golf shot or a missed putt? How did that experience make you feel.

You see at my most frustrated moments on the course, I try to remember that when I am about to lose it myself. I don't want to be like those others without a decent sense of self control. I would be ashamed to lose control, behave badly and in the process make my playing partners feel like I have felt when others have vented their uncontrolled emotions in my presence.

Yet still I get frustrated by my performance or the luck of the bounce that didn't go my way. So while it may be more considerate of others not to vent, is it the best way to cope with the frustration? Is it better to release it somehow or keep it to myself. I don't know. Some say don't let it stay bottled up inside. Others think its best to let go.

I say that you can let it go without spouting out an profanity laden outburst, tossing the club or anything of the kind. You can feel like doing those things, I have sometimes, but you don't have to actually do them.

So I am asking you to find a way to be civil and respectful of others on the course. Don't let the game bring out the worst in you rather allow it, as it should, to bring out your best.

But whether you are civil or not when golf frustrates you it behooves us to find a way to cope with the frustration so that it does not affect your score. You know it cost us strokes either way, bottled up or vented. So knowing how to manage frustration is an important golf skill.

If you find you need help with some techniques on how to do that you might want to work on your golf mental game. 

How you handle an emotional high like making a birdie or a low like slicing one out of bounds can make all the difference to your score. That means you'll want to maintain a strong mental game to score your very best.

I was able to begin scoring so much better and staying away from those awful blow up holes once I got control of my frustration. It took some time and some work but I found help and made some good progress.

Maybe you hadn't thought too much about working on your golf mental game. I'm just saying it might be something you would benefit from if you gave it a go.You'll notice a big improvement on the scorecard when you have your thoughts and emotions under control.

If the course gets the better of you some days that's okay, golf is like that. If your emotions get the better of that would be sad.

Don't let frustration win.

It's Time to Regrip Your Golf Clubs

Hey folks I wanted to give you a heads up about my new ebook.

Golfers of every type still have many things in common. Although they have different handicaps, prefer different golf club brands and utilize a host of different golf swings there are still a number of things we all share in common.

One of those things I have noticed we all share, or nearly all of us, is that we continue to play with old, worn  out grips. What I am seeing is grips with tears or worn areas where the thumbs contact the grip. Others are using golf club grips that are dried out, hard as a rock and slick as an ice covered sidewalk in the winter.

For whatever reason those golfers haven't yet regripped their golf clubs, they are paying for it with bad shots from good swings. Yes, that's right. Bad golf club grips do cause bad shots. Studies indicate that as many as 4 strokes around are lost due to those old, worn out grips.

I can't afford to lose any shots to something that is caused by poor golf equipment. I screw up enough shots on my own, don't ya know. I don't want my equipment helping me to hit poor shots.

What do you think? Can you accept the loss of at least 4 shots per round?

The thing is that regripping your golf clubs is such an easy do-it-yourself project that you can have your entire set regripped in just a couple of hours. It is the perfect DIY project for golfers like us. And the results will probably surprise you.

Just think spending a couple of hours one evening regripping your golf clubs will save you time, money and strokes.

That's why I have put together this little ebook to help guide you through the entire regripping process, start to finish. It is called "How to Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs" and is designed to coach the ordinary weekend player step by step on how to regrip golf clubs.

I think of it as the definitive DIY guide on regripping golf clubs and I am positive it will help you to get the job done without a hitch!

You will not only help yourself to a better golf game but will enjoy the regripping process as you improve your equipment.
Bet you want to take those 4 strokes back, don't you?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Don't Need Golf Lessons

That's right. You don't need to take golf lessons from a pro to lower your handicap. I mean it. You can improve all aspects of your golf game at home on your own.

What you need is a good blueprint that guides you through the process of improving your golf swing for both the tee shots and iron play, short game, putting and even course management.

You can read and follow a step by step guide can't you?

I did. I couldn't no more afford to take lessons from a pro than I could get a membership to Augusta National. I mean at $75 to $100+ per half hour lesson, I would need a rich uncle to afford that. Don't know if I would be comfortable working with a pro anyway.

So when a friend introduced me to this golf ebook for about half of what a single lesson cost, well I just had to try.

I was struggling to break 100 at the time. Suffered from a severe slice and was embarrassed to play with anyone other than my golf buddies who already knew what they were getting into.

But since I made the decision to buy "How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros" by Jack Moorehouse, I have made steady progress in reducing my handicap.

Yes it is true. I have gone from a 30+ (30 is the highest that you can get) to a 16 right now. And I'm not done yet. I am getting better and better. That ebook has made all the difference.

Now I'm not only not embarrassed to play with strangers, I welcome it. You see, I don't want to brag here but I am usually a better player than most of the strangers I have played with lately.

How cool is that?!

Do you want to teach yourself how to play better golf and lower your handicap? You would do very well to consider Jack's book: How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros.

Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer. He writes reviews of golf improvement products sharing his opinion and experience with each. His reviews are like your best golf shot, straight and down the middle.

Better Golf Swing: Don't Swing So Hard

Here is a quick tip to help you play better golf, lower your handicap and just have a lot more fun on the golf course.

Don't Swing So Hard!

Shorten the backswing and slow down the swing speed. Even if you think you are only swinging at about 80% of max, if you are not hitting the ball on line then I contend that you're swinging faster than you are able to time properly.

Just try shortening and slowing the swing and see what happens.

I did and found that I hit the ball straighter with all my clubs and usually just a far.

Focus on being fast through the ball. That is only right at the bottom of your swing, not from the top.

You'll see great results too!

Discover more simple swing secrets to help you play better golf here. Then it won't be long until you too will lower your golf handicap.

Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer. He writes reviews of golf improvement products sharing his opinion and experience with each. His reviews are like your best golf shot, straight and down the middle.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Golf Swing Plane Drill

One thing I like to do to check up on my swing plane is called the "Hanger Drill".

I take an ordinary clothes hanger from the closet and place it along side the golf grip. I place the bottom part of the hangar on the side of the grip facing the target with the hook part pointing up. The hanger will extend well beyond the end of the shaft up along the inside of your forward arm.

Then I make practice swings checking to see if the hangar leaves its proper position established at address.

Here is how Michael Breeze explains it:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Golf Swing Trainers: Will the Medicus Dual-Hinged Club Improve Your Swing?

Imagine yourself on the course with your golfing buddies as they watch you execute perfect swing after perfect swing. You’re hitting fairways and greens while they continue to struggle. That could be you with the help of a swing trainer. As you carefully read every word in the article you will learn how effective this aide could be for you.

Dooley Duffer got his dual-hinge club a couple of years ago now. He read the directions and began by working the club from takeaway to parallel or the half-way point of the backswing. He learned that his takeaway was too fast and sudden. The hinge would break right away! He tended to jerk the club right at the start. He worked on that by relaxing his grip and focusing on creating a smoother start to the swing.

From there he was able to get the club back to about halfway (parallel to the ground) where the club would break telling Dooley that the club was too vertical. He was cupping his wrist and getting way off plane at that point. He corrected this by relaxing the right hand and allowing the left hand to rotate up to the top properly while keeping the butt end of the club pointed toward the target line behind the ball.

Once he was able to consistently reach the top without the hinge breaking he began to work on the transition and downswing. This was where Dooley learned he was suffering from the dreaded “over the top” downswing fault. He would feel the hinge break just as he started the downswing. He began to work his lower body forward first with a slight kick of his left knee toward the target, then a gentle hip turn away from the ball at which point the upper body drops the club down a bit toward the right side. That allowed Dooley to swing from the top properly.

He was good from that point until the club would break again about the halfway point in his follow through. That break indicated Dooley had “held on” too long not allowing the right hand to move over the top of the left hand in the through swing. Sort of a mirror image of the fault he had in his backswing.

The Medicus diagnosed Dooley's problems quickly and clearly. The best part is that he was able to improve his problem areas when the club identified them all in the same session. Dooley even carried it with him during our rounds (We didn't care about the 14 club rule). He would swing that club to warm up on the first tee and occasionally during the round if the old faults began to creep back into his swing.

Dooley is happy to give you his full and complete recommendation for the Medicus Training Aide. As your search for a better golf swing brings you to consider a golf swing training aide, you can not do any better than Medicus Training Aide. That dual hinge club sure works wonders.

The Medicus Dual Hinge Training Aide has been around for a very long time now. It remains among the top sellers proving it has stood the test of time. No matter what kind of golfer you are or your golfing skill level, the Medicus Learning System will help you practice perfectly. It will automatically prevent you from swinging incorrectly. You will get immediate feedback on your swing allowing you to know the feel of a proper golf swing.

You will learn how to swing with confidence resulting in long term consistent results on the golf course. Dooley was very satisfied with how he was able to take what he learned from the club to the course. You will too.

Get your Medicus Dual-Hinged club here:

Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer. He writes reviews of golf improvement products sharing his opinion and experience with each. His reviews are like your best golf shot, straight and down the middle.

Are you a duffer? Know you can play better and want to learn how? Then come on over to my place at Dooley Duffer Golf where I offer only the best in golf improvement information and products

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Golf Fitness: The Easiest at Home Golf Fitness Program

Find out how your can have your own golf fitness instructor without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Learn how golf fitness training will improve your swing and substantially lower your handicap.

How do golf and fitness go together? Why do I need golf fitness training? What difference would a golf fitness program make to my golf game?

I can tell you all about that from what I have seen with my friend and golfing buddy, Dooley Duffer.

Dooley had been away from the game for some years. His career and family took priority over his time and golf, although he loved it, it just would not fit into his schedule. As he advanced in his career he became less physically active. He even moved to a management position so time in the office was nothing like the work he had been doing.

His body began to show his change in lifestyle. Don’t tell him I told you this, but his middle seemed to grow faster than his salary. Bet you know how that story goes, huh?

He had only played very occasionally during that time. So I don’t think he realized how much being out of shape affected his golf swing performance.

Then Dooley changed companies and began to play golf regularly again thanks to his new boss who had recently taken up the game. With his kids grown Dooley now had more time to devote to golf and it only took one round back on the course to re-ignite the passion which had burned so brightly in days gone by.

As he began to play more often his physical limitations became more and more of an issue. He struggled at times to finish a round; scores would escalate due to inconsistent swings, loss of concentration and general fatigue. He would even huff and puff when walking up hills in spite of always riding a cart. I can remember having to wait for him to catch his breath before he could putt on elevated greens. No chance he could walk when he played.

Then over a few weeks I began to notice improvement in Dooley’s game. Less and less of the struggles I had noticed before and more successful golf shots, better concentration and less fatigue. He even began saying he wanted to play an extra 9 holes!

You see, conditioning is critical to your overall golf performance. And poor physical conditioning will certainly ruin your golf performance. Just ask Dooley about that.

What was Dooley’s secret? Had he hired a golf fitness trainer? Did he use golf fitness videos? What had he done to improve his fitness for golf and his golf handicap?

Turns out he had not done any of those things exactly. He said he found this golf fitness eBook called “Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide” by Mike Pedersen. Seems Mike’s eBook is about how to improve your golf fitness at home in less than 30 days. Mike says that the secret to lower scores and longer drives is all about getting your body to move just a little bit better.

Dooley said that he took the advice seriously and began to feel results quickly. He began to notice he felt better on the course. That was very encouraging to him and he was able to keep at it. He had tried exercising before but soon lost interest but this was different. He could see improvement and he knew why! The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide had delivered on its promise. Dooley says this is the kind of thing anyone could and should do from home to improve their fitness for golf.

Having watched Dooley now for these past few months make such wonderful progress, I too can recommend “Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide”. (Yes, I am on it now too.)

If you need help with your golf fitness program, if you run short of breath at times or struggle scoring over the last few holes of a round then please look into how Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide could help you see the same kind of improvement Dooley is experiencing.

Golf fitness training found here. Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide


Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer. He writes reviews of golf improvement products sharing his opinion and experience with each. His reviews have been likened to your best golf shot, straight and down the middle.

Are you struggling with your golf swing? Learn how to get a better more consistent swing and shoot like the pros. Money back guarantee. How to Break 80